As of May 23, 2021 …

Please be prepared to wear your mask on the course if the guides deem it necessary.


We are OPEN …

We are following all provincial guide lines in respect to social distancing.  Our guides have masks on where appropriate and as a participant you can wear masks and gloves to do the courses safely if you wish.  Our washrooms have been updated to proper facilities with hand santizing station available.  Reservations can be made at timed intervals with limited numbers allowed in each group.  We are also following all guidelines for santizing harnesses, helmets and equipment with soap and water, disinfectant and UV-C lights.


We have prepared new procedures and adapted our experiences to minimize the risk of Covid-19 exposure for our guests and staff by following recommendation from manufacturers, the health department and the local and provincial government..


These include:

Reservations and check in

  • Sneeze guard set up at check-in
  • Staggered course start times to reduce traffic at check-in
  • Online reservations available as well as by phone at 905-655-1113. 
  • Online waivers are available for both individuals and families.
  • Clear and consise information will be provided on our website as well as in a confirmation email after a reservation is made.
  • Touch free and advance payment options
  • Thorough cleaning of common touch points in office areas and washrooms on a frequent basis throughout the day
  • Clear and consise COVID-19 information signage (distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, risks)
  • Staff trained in COVID-19 protocals

Washroom Facilities and Sanitization Stations

  • Hand sanitizing stations at the beginning of each course
  • Dedicated washroom facilities – Male and Female
  • Hand sanitizing stations inside each area
  • General hand sanitizing station outside between both facilities
  • Hourly cleaning schedule for frequently touched locations (door knobs, sinks, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers )
  • Clear and concise COVID-19 information signage (distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, risks)

On the courses

  • Reduced capacity on all courses including the demonstration courses to allow for social distancing
  • Using two separate demonstration courses and games throughout the park to limit gathering
  • Limiting to 1 participant allowed on each game (standard practice) and 1 participant on a platform (standard practice was 3 allowed)
  • We will NOT be providing water stations on the courses
  • Clear, concise and instruction covid-19 signage throughout the courses
  • Picnicing will NOT be allowed before or after on the property

Participants and Guide Gear

  • Enhanced cleaning of customer helmets and harnesses, to meet new industry guidelines
  • Scheduled ‘rest periods’ for customer equipment between each use
  • New harnessing and demonstration procedures to limit contact between staff and guests
  • Harnessing and unharnessing done in different staging areas
  • Staff harnessing & unharnessing participants will be provided with a face shield, mask and gloves
  • Staff breaking and launching at the Big Zip will be provided with face shield, mask and gloves
  • Additional staff training on PPE use and all staff will have PPE on hand to use at designated times
  • Each staff member will have their own designated radio and will be sanitized after each use at the end of their shift
  • Each guide will have a designated kit (rescue kit, harness, and helmet) that will be sanitized after each use at the end of their shift

Staff Training

  • Rescue training for the guides includes the regular industry standard high ropes training as well as COVID-19 training
    • Wearing a face mask and or shield depending the situation is required
    • The use of gloves while doing a rescue
    • Sanitizing of any equipment used while on the course after a rescue 
We are committed to your safety and will continue to adapt our procedures as the situation evolves, to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our guests and staff.


Prepare Yourself
  • PPE can be worn and is optional

    This includes face masks and gloves, full faceshields can not be worn to do the courses but can be worn before and after harnessing procedures are completed.

  • Long Hair should be tied back

    So as not to be caught in a pulley. Ask a staff person for a hair band if you require one

  • NO Open-toe Shoes NO sandals

    Sturdy sports shoes/boots are required and are to be worn securely

  • No jewelry is recommended

    Especially necklaces or loose bracelets which could get caught in equipment.

  • Appropriate clothing dress for the weather

    Clothing should be close to the body to avoid catching in equipment.

  • Tree Sap potential hazzard

    Dress appropriately, Treetop Eco-Adventure Park is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damaged clothing.

  • Insects repellant is recommeded

    This is an outdoor forest activity there may be insects.